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About FIMA

Federation of Industry and Management Association (FIMA), established in 2022 is an All India Industry Association to bring industries, professionals, technological experts, policy makers and civil societies together to drive growth to achieve  five trillion dollar Indian  Economy and more.

Federation of Industry and Management Association, with an aim to serve Industry & Professionals at the all India level, promoted to engage in creating  business opportunities and to provide the necessary training, skill development, testing facilities and other support systems for the Indian Industries and Professionals

FIMA works to create and sustain an environment conducive to the development of India, partnering Industry, Government and civil society, through advisory and consultative processes.

FIMA also intend to join hands with like minded organizations within and outside India to support industry in reaching out to the Global markets. FIMA also have plans to carry out B2B discussions, Trade Fairs and delegate visits, etc.,

The membership is open to all Manufacturing & Service Industries and Professionals. Visit for membership related details.

Federation of Industry and Management Association
#601, Challa Mall, Sixth Floor,
No. 11 Thyagaraya Road, T. Nagar, Chennai 600017.

T: 91-44-29515016
E: *  W: 

FIMA is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation led by Industry and Professionals.

FIMA Vision

  1. To create business opportunity for Industries and Professionals in India, including Exports.
  2. To support development of Indian Industry in the manufacturing & service sectors and development of commerce & industry.
  3. Distribution of industrial spread and industrial Economy across the country, based on the local talents and the supporting environment of the area, thus helping growth with equity. 
  4. Promoting  micro  entrepreneurship & Start up platform in smaller towns and villages to win locally and win Globally.
  5. Create access to the State of Art Technology.
  6. Integrate micro entrepreneurs by sector across the nation and create a strong and sustainable growth engine toward FIVE TRILLION DOLLAR INDIAN ECONOMY and more.
  7. Create a Learning platform to develop Industry focused talent pool with industry participation.
  8. Create an Inclusive Socio Economic Diversity work force to unleash the greater potential of the Indian talents. 
  9. Influence a new generation of empowered, economically self sufficient and self managed work force to make India as a hub for global investments.
FIMA Roadmap to achieve the Vision

  • Connecting the Buyers & Sellers through B2B meetings, trade fairs, delegate visits, etc.,
  • Creating awareness on various schemes and opportunities and to address the common issues of the member industries and members.
  • To support & help members in finding new markets and assist in technology up gradation.
  • To support & help members in other matters connected to business.
  • To work as a catalyst organisation between the members of FIMA and the Government / Banks / Trade Bodies & Corporates to benefit the members & Industry.
  • Engage in training & skill development to promote industry and entrepreneurship.
  • To organise seminars, lectures, trade fairs, delegate visit, etc., within and outside India.
  • Identifying & work for the benefit of the members & employees of the members of FIMA.
  • All other incidental & other related activities to achieve the Vision and Aims & Objectives of FIMA.
  • To engage in formulating Industry & Business related policies and to suggest viable long term self-sustainable policies for equitable growth.
  • To tie-up with and or to engage with and or to collaborate with Industry Associations, Industries, Private Companies, Individuals, Government & Government Bodies, Semi-Government Bodies within and outside India to benefit the Society members and to fulfil the Vision and Aims & Objectives of FIMA.
  • To create necessary infrastructure such as common testing facilities, facilitation centers, knowledge centers, etc., to support the members of the FIMA.
  • Identifying businesses that can be distributed – villages & smaller towns – and create awareness, promote, provide training and develop workable models.
  • Identifying Micro Entrepreneurship opportunities and to create awareness, promote, provide training and develop.
  • Identification of technology requirements and work towards bringing and developing the technology.
  • Promoting skill based technical education to develop micro entrepreneurship.
  • Working along with Educational Institutions and Incubator Centers to benefit the members of FIMA and Industry & Professionals.
  • Supporting free and fair market regulated economic model with Gandhian philosophy of distribution of wealth in an uniform manner through a market driven economy.
  • Working towards a Minimum Tax, Maximum Compliance model and minimum business laws – maximum compliance model, helping creation of wealth as well as growth.
  • Providing value added services to the members of FIMA, as and when possible, such as helping members getting the DSC at an affordable pricing.
  • Engage in creation of clusters and support bulk orders, distributed business model.
  • Support Aatma Nirbhar initiative & to work towards A New and Vibrant India.
  • To work along with like minded organisations for the benefit of Indian Industry & Professionals.
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